The sky was white that day, speckled with blue –

I was walking beside the sea

And ‘They’ were busy untangling the net,

The sky above me showed

Unmoved and Universal clouds,

Didn’t realize what was next.

The grey water shared a strange story-

‘Their’ chase was On,

The moment was mysterious.

Seemed, it was a Paper boat floating on the Open Sea.

‘They’ were struggling hard to pull it,

Wish I could join them

But, it seemed I was into oblivion.

The disaster I feared, was then approaching –

‘They’ floated through the turns & bends,

I could hear the shriek of the wind

Oh! it was dreadful.

‘The crew’ was in terror. ‘They’ didn’t lose their hope. ‘They’ were together.

Bruised and beaten, but still they fought the battle.

Seemed it was just a small boat on the wild grey sea

Sailing hard against the winds.

They just headed off –

Don’t know where

But, hope they found their paths into the unknown.


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A Walk in Twilight

twilight1A walk in the Dim-lit of Maidan

A walk in the Bridge of Shadows

A walk in the Melodies of Dreams

Made them remember their good old times when they were ‘You’ and ‘I’!

It’s the Human Brain after all

It can store it all.

Sometimes walking down the Memory Lane feels good

Because Life and Happiness were Playmates once!

Strolling down to those Memory Lanes

They walked together, as if it was just yesterday.

With the red sun Descending

And the day Departing

They came close to each other again

Bringing back those Twilight years!

True! Love is blind….

Perhaps it was the Darkest Secret they wanted to hide

Alas! It didn’t last…

Just a call on HER number messed up their Old Forgotten Tale,

Everything winded up there…

Turning them to ‘He’ and ‘She’ from ‘You and ‘I’.

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The Bicycle Rider



Now it’s time to Embrace Riding in Rain …
What could be lovelier than this!

Hey I am the Bicycle Rider!
Remember Me?
I have a Bicycle
I ride it Alone All Alone

I ride it on Road
I ride it on Grass
I ride like a King
My Bicycle My Chariot

Sometimes I fall over
But, I still rise
I rise higher
Long way to go
My endless road lies ahead

A little Unmindful…
I cruise alone on the Highway…
Seems like a Hollywood move
Seems you are with me
Though I can view the Drifts between us
It’ Magical
I want to see the world with YOU…

Hey there!
Will You Be My Pillion Rider?

….Luv AJ \m/…


Interplay of Darkness and Radiance – MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #49

When it’s about playing with lights a lot many things start brewing in my mind. The most important thing that strikes me is my days spent right at the backstage, where I used to carry the lights during the shows. Most of the times I played this role when I was in school and I hardly used to get chance in performing on stage 😉 However, that did not put me down as I loved to play with the lights from the backstage and sidestage. Different colors – red, green, yellow, blue colors focused on the stage to give a vivacious look – yes that used to make me crazy. Then it started with some ABSTRACT thoughts like delving into the subject of my focus and wait until there is the interplay and exploration of darkness and luminosity.

Here presenting before you my story of playing with lights … MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #49— This is where I find beauty in my Mundane days … Thanks again Jithin – Trablogger

Experimenting with various exposures of lights has always been a great way to refresh my mind. Exposure of lights through the mosaic lamps made of different color glasses. You see the magic when the lamp is lit while the glasses remain busy creating colorful shades. And there changes the ambiance of the room with an inspiring views. Neither did I let go the opportunity to capture this in my lens nor did I waste time to get the lights blur and that too in a different shape.

Jithin, it finds great to come back and participate in your Mundane Monday Challenge.


We The Women …

Proud to celebrate this day ( 8th March 2016) ….

There are lots and lots of good wishes flooding across the Social Media platforms. Innumerable texts on International Women’s Day on WhatsApp, Mobile message, Emails and so on. Offices celebrating women’s day … wishing each and every woman, a few offices have special plans for their ladies, heard women were gifted flowers and beautiful gifts …. Yes this makes us Special … We feel honored … Thank you so much…

But…….. To us … more than all these we would like to see that “Respect towards women” in every phase of our life. Say for example— today morning you are wishing a woman “Happy women’s day” and the next moment you are planning to enjoy sex with the sex worker to fulfill your urge.

No We are not just born to stay subdued; We are born to do something for ourselves. We are born to RISE.

Today when we are celebrating women’s day and getting acknowledged on this very day, there are many women across the globe barred from reaching their potential.

See what they lack —

  • They are stopped from getting access to proper education
  • They are stopped to build their career
  • They are stopped from making family plans on their own
  • They are used as property
  • They are the victims of dowry deaths, sexual assault and abuse
  • They are born to give sexual pleasure to men
  • They are born to give birth to children and stay back to get fucked by other men.

Women are born to face Oppression and Violence – who can deny this!

It infuriates me when I hear the utter bullshit words from people, “That’s not for girls”. Yes, there are misogynists around us. Tell me something how many of us really get the opportunity to make the most in our life —- There will be some but what about the maximum!!!

Still I believe one day there will be no need to celebrate this special day because every day we will be celebrating our achievements…. Thanks to those REAL men who stand beside us… Yes we women respect such exceptional men… and not those whose main concern is to disrespect a woman in every possible way.

So Respect and Value Us —- Happy Women’s Day to us …


… In Memory of Shilpa Srivastava

Shilpa - In Memory

……. In Memory of Shilpa, a dear friend of mine

“He passes in his departure from this world to the physical Self; he passes to the Self of life; he passes to the Self of mind; he passes to the Self of knowledge; he passes to the Self of bliss; he moves through these worlds at will.” — Sri Aurobindo

Taittiriya Upanishad III. 10. 5

A year has passed, Shilpa has left us. So Soon… So Fast ….

Loss is a loss and we never know when it comes. True, every tale of parting is different.

With the wings of time, you dry your eyes but the wound never heals.

Whoever says loss fades away with time is a sheer lie.

Only the spaces grow longer

Loss is inevitable but we fail to realize the time

But, don’t cry – those we lose always stay connected to us

Only tears keep building a stair with memories in a lane

Waiting for the reincarnation of the soul ….

As Walter Scott says….

“Death—the last sleep? No, it is the final awakening.”

Green Kitchen Tale


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Let’s face it – Food can make Wonders. Trust me it does 🙂

Some Green Kitchen Tales For You ….

Since we were a kid, we have been repeatedly told to “Eat Vegetables. They will help you grow fast”.

Eating fresh vegetables especially the green ones can create magic. Study says that people who eat fresh and green vegetables can fight any chronic disease. As we all know that eating vegetables not only keep us healthy but strong as well. In fact they are a perfect source of several nutrients like fibre, folate, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin E and vitamin C. When fibre helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels, potassium helps in maintaining the blood pressure. While on the other hand folate helps in forming red blood cells. This is highly beneficial and useful for all women who are in their childbearing age. Folate-rich food like tomatoes, spinach, and bell peppers are the best ones in the list. Whereas food rich in Vitamin-A like carrots, butter nut squash and sweet potatoes protects one’s skin from infection thereby keeping it healthy.

Believe it or not a diet rich in fresh vegetables can control heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, and can treat cancer patients as well. It is always advisable to consult the dietitian before finalizing the amount of veggie intakes. Depending on one’s health, number of cups of fresh veggies must be recommended. Please make a note that fresh ingredients are always best for health as they are not processed or exposed to chemicals. This theory not just talks about vegetables but meat, herbs and spices. It is advisable to consume the fresh ones on the same day or may be within a couple of days max. No matter what food cooked/prepared with fresh ingredients and vegetables is 100% healthier than the ones cooked using preservatives or processed ingredients.

Now Let Us See Why Vegetables Rule…

  • It should not be of much surprise when we see Popeye the Sailor Man turning to have spinach when in need of POWER. So, here it proves that how important vegetables are to build our body. You can say that such food is one of the most efficient and essential fuel sources.
  • True, vegetables are delicious if prepared well. I know it is a point of debate to many as there are people who are more into non-veg items. You can certainly count on me as I prefer having meat, fish, and egg more than vegetables. However, things have changed now for me. A plate full of nicely prepared veggies is gradually turning to be my preference than a plate full of mouth-watering chicken preparation. Today, I am thrilled to have scrumptious veggie dishes prepared with broccoli, beans, capsicum, bell peppers, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, beetroot, tomato, onion and so on.
  • No wonder earlier I used to boycott veggies and was prone towards eating chicken, pasta, pizza, burgers, French fries and so on. Don’t know why I had a disgusting feeling whenever veggie items were served to me. Yes, I have tried different kinds, but I didn’t like probably for the taste. Both my mom and sister tried their hands in making delicious dishes with the variety of vegetables. And, believe me they were just awesome and lip-smacking.

So, starters now stop saying ‘No’ to vegetables and bang on it like I have done. Nowadays whenever I get time, I try to prepare some simple yet yummy veggie dishes for my family and friends. In fact after I got over this idea, on each visit to any of the food station I order new veggie dish – you know just to give it a shot.

Now, it is absolutely an open mindset, well I must say a positive mindset that has been convincing my taste buds since I fell in love with the variety of veggie preparations.