“I WANT TO LIVE” – Everything came to an END

Today, there are millions and millions of people coming forward and protesting against the 16th December ‘TRAGEDY’, but if it again happens tomorrow how many of us will come up with the same zeal? With due respect to the petition notes to ‘me’ ‘u’ and ‘everyone’, and the protests on the road, I just want to ask something is that all we have to do from our end? No wonder, none of us want such monstrous deed to happen over and over. But, guys what is the REMEDY?

Probably we have all the plausible ANSWERS to explain the REMEDY, but at the end of the day it is our ‘SYSTEM’ who will be the one to decide the ‘REMEDY’… And the remedy will be none other than “Letting The Villains Get Away Without Any Firm Decisions”. Don’t tell me that the higher authorities were never aware of the previous rape cases in Delhi, West Bengal+ Kolkata, Bangalore……

“I WANT TO LIVE” – Everything came to an END.

I believed there would come a day, when YOU would get JUSTICE

I believed there would come a day, when YOU would Re-LIVE

I believed there would come a day, when YOU would SMILE

             But, ALL IN VAIN

I feel defeated today, I feel cheated today

           But still

I SALUTE YOU BRAVE LADY – You Fought so HARD, You stayed so STRONG

YOU are the real ‘HERO’

‘SHE’ fought with ‘Fortitude’

‘SHE’ fought with ‘Courage’

‘SHE’ wanted ‘Justice’


    BUT, ALAS…….



10 thoughts on ““I WANT TO LIVE” – Everything came to an END

    • Somali the worst part is this so called ‘juvenile’ not only raped the 23-year-old physiotherapy student but also took her intestine out… What more to see.. what more to happen … even after this case there were more number of rape cases … what did our bullshit Government do? I am using this word ‘bullshit’ as there people from holding the so called honorable positions stated last Monday – “We cannot interpret the law [the Juvenile Justice Act] to curtail his [the juvenile convict’s] freedom without legislative sanction. We share your concern, but we cannot go beyond the statute,” … This very person who stated this also said – “go first make the law.” after DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal Jaihind plead that the convict not be released until he was reformed….. Are we human beings????? I would say no … if we would have been humans then such heinous act of 16 December 2012 would not be handled so casually by our so called Government … They are teaching us LAW … where was the law when the girl got raped, beaten with an iron bar, intestine taken out, rod inserted in her vagina causing internal injuries and being thrown naked from the bus…. where is the LAW ???? every single day we get to hear horrifying rape assault incidents all across the country … where is the LAW … when there is no positive thing happening then we girls should be allowed to carry revolvers and shoot each and every impostors and rapists …

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