R A P E! R A P E! R A P E! R A P E! – The only word that has been devastating ‘US’ Girls

We can probably IMAGINE, We can probably SHOUT, We can probably PROTEST and PEN DOWN words against the HEINOUS deed that took place on 16th December. But, none of us can literally FEEL the 23 years old girl’s PHYSICAL STATE she is going through. Don’t know how to express my complaint, but I have decided to put down my DP in ‘BLACK’ to show my protest against the atrocious RAPE of a 23-year-old G I R L. Requesting all my FRIENDS to take this simple step forward!

No idea how much our Complaints, Agony, Anger and Protest will help ‘us GIRLS’ out from getting raped again and again.

No idea how soon our government will take a stern decision against the 6 convicts and also those others in the queue.

No idea how soon the ’23 year old girl’ will recover or probably survive

No idea how long ‘GIRLS’ will have to bear this PAIN


2 thoughts on “R A P E! R A P E! R A P E! R A P E! – The only word that has been devastating ‘US’ Girls

    • Gypsy Thank You again for visiting this post of mine … It is so very sensitive I just cannot explain … No wonder India is a great place to stay but the most scary things are these which makes our Country dangerous … But you know something if you fall in good hands and meet good people you will certainly enjoy your days in India … In fact everywhere in world, as a woman you need to keep yourself safe or else anyone can take advantage … We women are boron to be strong always and we have our 6th sense which alerts us from every odds and we must listen to it … and thank you so much again for your kind word dear 🙂

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