Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor’, Imagine the beauty of the words, how charismatic and innocent are they at the same time.  Yes MISS my childhood days, though it did not stop the Ray lovers to dig into and get the flavor of the maestro’s works. Even today, if anyone asks me “what is your favorite movie?”; no wonder the immediate answer would be none other than Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne. Lots and lots of memories attached with this particular movie, especially the Ghost’s song ‘Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor’, it gives me goosebumps whenever I listen to it. No, it’s not out of fear but the uniqueness of the expert’s creation.

Goopi Gayan Bagha Bayan poster

If you want to cook Bangali fantasy, adventure and comedy into one bowl, then nothing can beat Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne and its sequels – Hirak Rajar Deshe and Goopy Bagha Phire Elo. Who can deny the explicit and unique illustrations by Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury (Ray’s grandfather), which were used for the creation of the movie! In fact this was the kick start for Ray to contemplate the idea of creating the magic in disguise of film for us. Creating records was no big deal for the Maestro 🙂

Yes, we did read fairy tales, books on adventure, but for me it was Ray’s collection that kept me energetic and still craves for more. Truly, how many could have thought of creating such a distinctive character like the ‘Bhooter Raja’.  Hopefully, today many might come up or may have worked on such creation of characters, but this would not have come to one’s mind if Ray wouldn’t have given birth. In our childhood days watching this movie used to be a blessing in disguise. We used to literally daydream, such a friendly and unique personality ‘bhoot’ (ghost) staying with us and showing us the right path.

Why blessing in disguise, because in one of his dialogues he states “always use the power for good and if you are sincere and have faith in yourself nothing can ruin you”. Growing up with such beautiful thoughts does really create magic. May be at this age also, I imagine ‘bhooter raja’ sitting right beside me and whispering the same words. Bhooter Raja, the king of ghost, when you see him you will be stunned completely. It is a marvelous creation by Ray. So ugly, a bit frightening but the innocent smile, unmatched words, the reflection of tuni bulbs on his face, his facial expressions simply created the supernatural personality.


The story revolves around two people majorly. Goopinath (Gopi), who wanted to become a singer but unfortunately, a husky voice, became a barrier and Baghanath (Bagha), who wanted to be a drummer but unfortunately he turned out to be a bad drummer. Both of them were driven out from their respective villages. Cast out in the forest, Gopi meets Bagha in the same place. The initial meeting turned out into mockery, they made fun out of each other with their ability of singing and drumming. As it was a dense forest, they could hear the footsteps of the roaming tiger. Just to scare off the animal they started with their own music. In this process a strange melody got created attracting a group of ghosts. It seemed the ghosts were fascinated by the music which called for the King of Ghosts right there. The appearance of the spirits (bhoot) was a beautiful presentation by Ray, the Genius. The cinematography was completely out of the world. It seemed the audiences were enjoying a magical depiction of a LIVE dance show. It was and is still a fantasy to every audience. I wonder if I could be a part of his work.


The King was mesmerized by their music and found them to be loyal. Bhooter Raja granted three boons to Goopy and Bagha thereby making their life all the more exciting. The most amazing thing of Bhooter Raja was none other than his unique voice. It was the voice of the mastermind Satyajit Ray. Truly the King complimented the King himself. Another best part of this movie is the role of the protagonists sharing rhyming dialogues between each other.

So, do you want the Magic King beside you? …. Stay tuned then  There is a secret behind… 🙂


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