Scribbling Back – The Story of Life

Back to scribbling after many days! Lots of emotions rolling over me and pouring out, probably this time I am simply out of words. So many words penned down daily are yet to get uploaded. Thought of getting them to you one by one, however, things are different today. No idea where I am travelling to!

Mom wasn’t well for a long time, but she didn’t let us know about her ill health. Both the sisters are out all day. She was suffering from asthmatic problem, though asthma wasn’t detected. It was Arrhythmia. In simple terms, heart disease with abnormal heart rhythm, though doctors sometimes term it as electrolyte imbalance causing unusual heart rhythm.  No we were not aware of such terms, but yes could feel this was related to heart. She was suffering terribly. It was a usual day; both the sisters were out for their workplace. We always make it a point to call her throughout the day whenever we get time. Same procedure had been followed on that very day, but suddenly on the last call she replied saying, “come soon I am not feeling good”.  It wasn’t a normal reply. Immediately I received a call from my elder sister, literally rushed out from my office to get a cab. Almost the day end, the break of dusk, twilight embracing the city life! Wasn’t sure of what exactly was going around me, could only hear our mom’s voice over and over again. Road filled with heavy traffic led me nowhere but increasing heart beats.

Somehow could reach my destination, though it took me an hour. Steered myself to handle the situation positively and tried to make her feel better, gave her some water to make her relax. Thankfully before I could reach my home our next door neighbor was there to visit her. Was wondering from where she got the news. It was a telepathy I guess and probably the Almighty made her way to our home, which was blatantly required. Yes she was recovering after seeing me. When things were under control, I made a call to my sister and asked her not to hurry instead go and visit our family physician. I had a feeling that the doctor might suggest to get her admitted to the hospital, which in a way turned right.

We were planning to admit her the next morning. Even the last night wasn’t good for us. She had a terrible uneasiness, she was gasping for breath. That night I made a call to my uncle and informed him about the entire activity of my mother. He himself is a heart patient. He suggested me to prepare her in the morning and we would take her to a nursing home. It was very difficult for us to take her, as she was shivering. Finally we managed to admit her immediately to one of the well known private nursing homes in Kolkata. But, unfortunately the journey started from there was weird. Did not expect to get such service; we had stand in the reception to get a wheel-chair, even no attendant was there to assist us to take our mother to the emergency ward. As she was taken to the emergency, immediately she had 5 attacks, which we had to prompt the doctors to take a look at the monitor.

All we could see her lying down on the bed looking at us, almost expressionless, yet 5 consecutive attacks shown on the monitor screen. All the doctors in the ward came rushing to handle the emergency situation. Immediately we were asked to sign a bond, where they required making a channel beside her collar bone. Just couldn’t take that as it would be very painful. Was wondering, whether she would be able to bear the pain after all the stress she has gone through. Moreover she was underweight and this time she was below 30, which created the situation worst. She was drained in a medicine immediately to control the abnormal heart/pulse beat, which was 200+. Doctors had a word with us quoting, “she is undergoing a life and death situation, anything could have happened and she needs immediate treatment.”

Treatment started but we shifted her to another cardiac hospital as the invoice that we received was expensive in just a day and that was unbearable. Shifting her to this present nursing home insisted us to give her moral support or else she failed to cooperate with them. True, it was damn painful for her to undergo the same procedure. Things deteriorated the day she was admitted in this new place. While we were returning, suddenly a number blinked on my mobile. As I picked up the call, a female voice from the other side with a broken voice said “aaplog jaldi ayaye doctor ne bulaya”. I repeatedly asked her what has happened, but I was unable to understand. As I transferred my phone to my sister, I broke into tears. That night was dreadful for us. We could only gather our courage to face every odd situation and keep praying to the Almighty. We stayed back instead taking any second chance as the night seemed unpredictable.

‘Mother’ – ‘Ma’ – ‘Mamuni’ the only security blanket for us… Right from her intense security when we were in her womb for nine months to the day she is with us. No matter how bad your time had been, she is the only one to shield you, guide you, calm you down and blanket you from all odds. No idea where we are travelling to, No idea what’s next – Just praying for her speedy recovery and remain with us forever. The world is BLACK and BLANK without Mamuni.

“Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin

Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa

Yun To Main,Dikhlata Nahin

Teri Parwaah Karta Hoon Main Maa

Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Hain Na Maa

Tujhe Sab Hain Pata,,Meri Maa”


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