‘A Dachshund there On Street’

Today, while coming to office I had a strange feeling on seeing a dachshund on the street. He was all alone, seemed to have seeking his/her master. Several thoughts came to my mind while watching the helpless dog. I was travelling in an auto. All I could do was stare at the animal and think what could have be done to reach his/her master.

There were several questions revolving around my mind. To highlight, here goes a few of them:

  • Why the dachshund was all alone on the street?
  • Why is no one there beside him/her?
  • What made him/her look helpless?
  • Why people around him not even try to find out the cause?
  • Is everyone so busy to look back at the poor dachshund?

So many questions in a row made me go haywire. However, the last question struck me dangerously. When I myself is raising the question then why not ‘I’ came to my mind first? Here lies the mystery.

We all are so busy with our schedule. Oh! Let me specify ‘hectic schedule’. Haahahahaha, now the morale of the story lies here, where we always highlight one or the other excuses to cover up situations. How many of us at least give a second thought by looking back at such situations and then acting towards it promptly? It would be very hard to take a count, as in there will be just a handful count.

When one will say he/she is very busy to look back, the other would turn deaf ear to such situations. Feel pity for ourselves as when it comes to human rescue, there are many turning deaf-ear as well. Seriously, where exactly we are leading to? Any idea? At least I do not have any idea.

Getting back to the ‘dachshund on the street’ seriously made me turn speechless. Hope I could/would have got down from the vehicle to at least find out the cause of the situation. My thoughts were wandering on what I have seen and what could have been done. This was not the end. I reached my destination, kept thinking of the same and could lead to nowhere other than penning down my words together here. But, I confess this has affected me deeply. Perhaps there have been many such similar situations wherein some I could promptly act and some were left untouched.

To conclude — this is to you my friends – live and let live, help the helpless and do not overlook when it comes to helping others or standing by irrespective of human/animal, cast/religion/creed. There can never be any distinction when it comes to extend your HANDS to COMFORT someone to BENEFIT someone.

I am sharing a picture of a lonely dachshund, though not taken from my camera. Highlighting it as it was a disgrace on my part.



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