Awakened By The Canopy of Floating Clouds – #MundaneMondayChallenge #20

Seems the air around me is full of water. Yup! Pretty known to me. The darker shades of gray – called the rain clouds. On my way to office when I found such darker shades of gray around, I was a bit disappointed but the beauty made me crazy.

Clouds kept floating adding color to my thoughts. An optimist only sees the path through the gray clouds canopied by the sapphire sky. Yes! Enjoyed the perfect Canvas and was lost into clouds thoroughly.

Monday Shades

 Posting for the  Mundane Monday Challenge #20.

PhotoShoot (specifications) – NIKON D3100  – 1/1250s
Focal Length: 30.0mm  f/18.0


10 thoughts on “Awakened By The Canopy of Floating Clouds – #MundaneMondayChallenge #20

  1. I like this street lamp shot. Just want to let your know that I clicked your gravatar on my blog, it didn’t take me to your blog. I had to google search. Thank you for visiting, Jaaz!

    • Hi Amy, Many Thanks for liking my shot. Its my pleasure.

      Amy, Thanks again for checking the visibility of my blog. I made a mistake in the Settings.
      Somehow I am unable to fix up the problem. I am trying my best to fix it as soon as possible.

      Thank You Again Dear. God Bless.

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