Looking To Your Eyes #WorldPhotographyDay…

neon2Thinking where to start from, when it comes to Photography. We may see many people taking ‘interest’ and ‘immense interest’ in photography. Must say, in today’s era, ‘photography’ is playing a wide & varied role.

Earlier photography was limited to few but today it has spread like wild fire. Each and every one of us celebrates ‘clicking’ in our own individual ways. Today, it takes just seconds to share our clicks across the planet.

digital photograph

Digitally Created Image – View on a DSLR

August 19, the #WorldPhotographtDay is celebrated widely all across. Whether an amateur or professional or hobbyist, photography embraces each and every one in one platform irrespective of how good you are in ‘clicking pictures’. For many this profession is their daily bread and butter whereas for others it is a hobby. But the story line is for whatever reason you use your camera it leads you to explore endlessly.

Above all these, it is very essential to learn about the origin and significance of #worldphotographyday. It instigated right after the creation of the ‘Daguerreotype photographic’ procedures. This was developed by Louis Daguerre and Joseph NicephoreNiepce in 1837. However, on August 19, 1839, there was an announcement from the French Government where they made the invention by Joseph and Louis to be the first concrete gift to the planet. What could have been better than this event to iconize the World Photography Day?

Today, in this fast paced world when sharing each moment has almost become mandatory, none can imagine the globe without ‘cameras’.  ‘Photography’ is open to all, not just limited to people who have a sound knowledge on it. True, a basic knowledge is required when you are clicking picture but there is no hard and fast rule to know all the technicalities or else you will be penalized. Photography is an art. Of course users with technical knowledge are well appreciated and you can get the best out of them.

When reminiscing the first stint of photography, it will take you back to the old days where photographers used to carry film cameras. What a tough time it was backed with some brilliant ‘clicks’. Earlier when cameras were costlier and handful people could use it, and was time consuming – still we got to see the excellent outputs. No wonder, compared to the old days today we are blessed with the digital thrill. Hats Off to the advanced technology.

images (1)4

Vintage Film Camera


A Famous Scene from Legend Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali in 1955. Pather Panchali, which meant “The song of the Little Road”…

Now, expressing the feelings with different strokes, colors and captures is no more a big deal as today we have turned Digital. Unlike those days, today you click and view it right away with the comfort of editing the pic in your own way.

Go Digital

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera Kit

neon2The ‘WOW’ moment =============

“Focus on what you feel not just what you see” neon2


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