(CALCUTTA) Kolkata’s Birthday Triangle

It was 6:30 in the morning, though a late riser, but today something pushed me to rise early. Last night didn’t have dinner, as I was completely filled after a pizza party at my friend’s place. Probably I was hungry and that made me come out from my sweet dream 😉

Today is 24th August, our very own City of Joy – Kolkata was born. Thought what could have been special than celebrating Kolkata’s birthday in a ‘foody’ way! My sudden early rise forced me to come out from my home and took me straight to the ‘Singara’ shop. ‘Singara’, most traditionally called ‘Samosa’ and one of the preferred snacks across India – falls among the list of known #Kolkatastreetfood. I could feel I was almost flowing with the smell of the freshly fried ‘singaras’. However, as I reached the shop, all the fried ones were sold off already. I was sad as I realized nothing else other than the yummy snacks could make me smile. The shopkeeper ‘BABU DA’ tried convincing me saying – “please wait for some time and I will get you some tasty singaras for you”. Still, it didn’t sound convincing as I had a feeling that the entire process would take time as they were also preparing other snacks ( Kachuri), which was all the more demanding.

Kolkata’s Birthday Triangle

Kolkata’s Birthday Triangle – – Happy Birthday #Kolkata 🙂

As I kept seeking something interesting in that mundane state, suddenly I caught by few freshly made Singaras, which were yet to get fried. In fact a person, who was sitting completely out from our view, was found preparing the singaras on a table.  He was seen combing potatoes, spices, cauliflower, peas and salt to make a dry curry. I really enjoyed the stuffing part into a cone shape thereby forming a ‘Triangle’ 🙂

As Kolkata is popularly known for its rich culture, heritage and ‘food’, I thought nothing else could make a Monday Mundane Challenge (MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #21) all the more fruitful and exciting. Serve it with mint ‘chutney’ and see how delicious and yummy it tastes?

Celebrating Kolkata’s ‘Happy’ Birthday with Kolkata’s Birthday Triangle – ‘Singara/Samosa’ 🙂

Such posts wouldn’t be Inspiring unless WE the participants of   Trablogger’s MMC got some brilliant ideas on photography from our dear friend Jithin.



23 thoughts on “(CALCUTTA) Kolkata’s Birthday Triangle

  1. Happy Kolkata day. But I am a bit confused. Is this the day the name was changed officially or is it something else?
    Anyway nice finding for the MMC. Nice Samosa patterns!

  2. Many thanks Jithin 🙂 BTW Kolkata officially celebrated its birthday on 24 August, even though I was confused. However, spoke to a lot of people from the media background, who updated me with the same date of course in a much vivid way 😉 … But the research will go on till then officially it is 24 August 😀

  3. Happy Kolkata day on the 24th. I love Samosa, we had some last weekend. I bought the frozen samosa in an Indian store, I’m sure it’s not as delicious as the ones you freshly made. 🙂

    • Thank you soooo much dear … It was indeed great to find such a lovely message.
      Amy must say you must try the freshly made samosa …. frozen food doesn’t have that flavor … If you plan to come down to India, especially kolkata please let me know … I will treat you with the Flavors of Bengal …. 🙂

      • We have a couple of fine Indian restaurants here. I will give a try. I love to visit India in the future. Thank you, Ajanta! 🙂

      • Amy, do visit India… Itz a wonderful place indeed … Lots to explore … and when talking about samosas … nothing better than having them from the sweet shops of kolkata. So .. now that goes without saying … come and visit India – Kolkata ASAP … Cheers Jaaz 🙂

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  5. Samosas .. love them. But there’s a fine art to frying them ‘just so’ – crisp and without excess oil isn’t there. There’s a street food guy here who has mastered his art … 🙂

    • Rambling Rose …. First and foremost Thank you for reading my post. Its a pleasure to have friends like you who take some time to put their precious comments. Thank you again.

      Yes that is true there is a fine art of frying samosas thereby making the same crispy and of course without oil. However, samosas if dipped in mustard oil and fried, they tastes awesome. Do not worry at all, when served they will soak them in tissues. Would certainly like to invite you to my place to enjoy this wonderful snacks. What say Rambling Rose?

      Between where are you from? I mean which country?

      • You are most welcome. I comment when something resounds with me and your posts do 🙂
        Samosas …..ummmm deliciously tempting invitation. Have never tasted them dipped in mustard oil. Must give a wonderful subtle flavour. Maybe I will take you up on on the invitation one day. … 🙂
        I am from Sri Lanka and have travelled a couple of times to India -Mumbai, Chennai and Trichy. Also Bangalore.
        Was planning on on going to Charlekudy this April but got a special deal for Milan and took that.
        Alaska and northern lights is what I would like to do next and saving for that 🙂

      • Rambling Rose, loved the way you replied. It will be mine pleasure to treat you when you come down to India especially Kolkata. Great to get a blogger friend from Sri Lanka, immense pleasure must say.
        Will post such kind of blogs for you in the coming future… till then enjoy and wish you all the best for your future endeavor …. True it feels great to find such beautiful people like you. 🙂

  6. Thank you for your kind words. Yes it is indeed great to meet across the blogosphere Would be greater to meet in person too so let me know if you plan on coming to SL and it will be my pleasure to host you.

    • Rambling, so sorry to reply you late as in I was out of town for almost 12 days, travelling across hills 🙂 The feeling is mutual, would like to meet in person too 🙂 No idea when shall I travel to SL but will definitely stay in touch with such beautiful people around me. 🙂

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