Nature Creating the Contrast in Silence …

Participating after a long time in Trablogger’s MMC… feels great to be a part of Jithin’s team.

Simply liked the idea of MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #26 by Jithin. His idea took me a couple of years back when I clicked this picture. This was a visit to Eco Park with my dear school friends after ages. Didn’t want to miss the chance to capture such beautiful moment. This picture is a reminiscence of that golden moment spent with my friends beside this beautiful lake at Eco Park Kolkata.


Life is so exciting especially when you come across such natural beauty and get the chance to capture the moment in your lens. The silhouette creating the contrast in silence! Certainly it depends on how we look at things. Have we ever thought what exactly makes us mundane or excited? As I said everything depends on how we see to it. Many of us say sunset should be never entertained as it makes us feel dull or may be sad, whereas watching sunrise brings happiness in our life. Why not admire the Creator than making a conclusion with our superstitious thoughts!

So Let Us Add Beauty To Our Lives and Worship The CREATOR …



29 thoughts on “Nature Creating the Contrast in Silence …

  1. Thank you for bringing the beauty of nature to us, Ajanta! I’m so in love with this one. Enjoy your trip for the Durga Puja. I’ll be ready for the fascinating story and your photos. 🙂
    Welcome back!

    • Hey Amy… so nice to hear from you after so many days. Hope you are doing fine … Missed your posts and photography. And many many thanks for all your kind words again….
      Surely Amy I will soon come up with some Durga Puja pics… even Jithin our trablogger is waiting for same… Am so lucky to get such great souls around me … Thank You again 🙂

      • Wonderful to have you back, Ajanta. When you have Durga Puja posted, I would love to make a link to your post, so my readers can visit your site 🙂

      • Thank you Amy. I will be posting it right now Amy … And look you do not prove me wrong as I said I am lucky to get such good friends here … I am obliged simply Amy … I am absolutely honored to hear that you would link my post so that your readers can visit my site … Immense pleasure … God Bless you Amy … Its just the Almighty’s blessing and nothing else… Thank You so much my dear friend… I am truly honored…. 🙂 #JoyGuru … This is what I convey to my friends in my circle … that’s is my way of appreciation and saying thanks 🙂

      • Connecting and sharing are what the blogosphere is offering to us. Don’t you think? I’m honored to have you as my blog friend. Have you already posted? I’m coming to check it out. 🙂 🙂

      • True True Amy… I second you …connecting and sharing thoughts are what this platform offers us … As I said My pleasure as well to have you as my blog friend … Yes Amy I have posted and linked you there 🙂

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  3. 1. Singing (hope you can catch the tune) ..Sunshine … on the waater … makes me ..reflect !! 🙂 Great reflection you have here – picture and words.
    2. See Jazz … and ajanta … nick name and real name ??
    3. Will check the link you have given on the Durga puja. … but why don’t you write something on it .. giving readers like me your take on this. See some comments you have made that make me realise it is a great uniting event ??

    • Oh! Wow my dear friend … you have actually linked with my pic … great great … Just look I am so happy to get you all as my friends … You people are my actual speakers for my pictures … Simply honored …. And Rambling Rose I am simply in love with John Denver’s Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy … Thank you so much for connecting me …. and thank you so much for your appreciation …

      Hahahaa , true Jaaz is my nickname preferred by my friends and Ajanta is my real name … Friends sometimes address me in short as ‘AJ’ … 😉 and what’s your real name friend?

      Rambling Rose I am almost on the verge to put it on my site for you my dear friends… I did not know you all would like to check my captures and write-ups on Durga Puja … I am just swayed away … Absolutely by God’s grace I get to hear such honorable comments from your end … I will keep updating you all my dear friends … Thank You again and again … #JoyGuru … \m/

  4. You have answered all my questions thank you. Should I send you another list ???
    Yes I love that song. It transports me to another realm of peace and happy stillness.
    Incredibly last week … I too had taken a picture of sunshine on the water : Early morning sunshine falling on the road , wet with overnight rain, made it look like a river winding behind my house. It was beautiful but the river effect did not show up well on the picture …
    Rambling Rose is named after a lullaby my Dad used to sing to me … Rosanne . I have written a post on it as it is such a sweet memory 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing about Durga Puja from you rather than Wiki ..LOL
    Cheers ….

    • Wow… so can I have the pleasure to watch the picture of sunshine on water! would love to have a look at it … Your Dad has really kept a very sweet name must say … would definitely check out the post on your sweet memory Rosanne …
      And thank you for your encouragement dear … Please check my first post on Durga puja I have linked you already … Check and give me the feedback … looking forward 🙂

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