Maa Shooldharini DuRGa! Here ‘U’ Come! Arrival of Goddess Durga – The Supreme Power – The Supreme Being …


Goddess Durga – The Perfect Work Of Art by the Artisans


Shiuli’ (Night-flowering Jasmine) and Swaying ‘kash ful’ (Saccharum spontaneum) in the meadows …

“The soft perfume of ‘shiuli’ (Night-flowering Jasmine), glimpse of swaying ‘kash ful’ (Saccharum spontaneum) in the meadows, chanting of mantras and wide azure sky awakens you and say, “Ma Durga is at your door”.  Needless to say that each of us feels the same as this spirit of ecstasy fills up our heart.”

Potters' Hub

Clay Idols at Kumartuli getting decked up …

Ma Durga getting decked up at her abode, Kumartuli (the potters’ hub). With swift and dexterous moves, the potters working at frenzied pace to give the idols the traditional look. This is that hub of North Kolkata where Goddess Durga and her family get impeccably sculpted in straw and clay. Many of us call this place to be the ‘nerve center’. Flanked by huge workshops, packed with idols of Durga and her family, craftsmen working day in and day out – yes this is the place where our goddess gets decked up.  If you are visiting the place for the first time, I can bet that you can ever imagine that there lies the paradise inside the narrow lane.

jaazphotography ©Copyright All Rights Reserved

Stroll into North Kolkata’s Banamali Sarkar Street and you will feel the essence. Artisans sit on their heels busy kneading the clay, working on idols, completely ignoring the curious passerby and photographers. They get hardly bothered about the surrounding, all they concentrate on to create the best for us. Yes, for them creating such sculptures is the only means of survival.


An artisan using his skill to decorate the clay idol ….

Visiting the potters’ hub has always been special to me. Each of the creations is worth capturing leaving the entire City of Joy and our neighboring cities spellbound. Watching the idols taking shape in the skilled hands is a pleasure. Barely there are a few days more before Maa Durga transforms from a rudimentary structure of hay and clay to a beautiful Bengali bride.


The Mother India look of Goddess Durga ….

It was almost quarter to 6 in the evening when I arrived in the potters’ lane. Crammed with both complete and incomplete clay idols, I could see artisans clad in soiled lungis busy working. Some installing the heads of the tallest idols while some giving their finishing touch. Strewn on the tables set of clay fingers to befit the idols – found the potters picking them up delicately and with their masterly touch place them rightly and look the idols human. A bit spooky but the fingers looked quite real. As I was engrossed checking out the masterpieces, could hear someone shouting from behind “taking pictures of idols costs money so check your moves.” This time is believed to be the most laborious time for the craftsmen of Kumartuli – North Kolkata’s oldest region on the banks of Hooghly. The flash of the cameras and the busy crowds of people around, have been irritating the artisans, which madde them furious at this hour.


Artisan busy applying clay on the idol of Lord Ganesha …


One of the weapons of Goddess Durga (Trishula/Trident) getting its design as crafted by an artisan ….

Out there on the lane right in a secluded corner there was an artisan busy applying his final strokes – I could not really miss the chance to hear from him, asked him about his daily bread, to which he replied – “ I am into this profession since I lost my parents in the age of 10. There was no choice except taking this as a profession. Ami lekha-pora kortte parini, school jete parini. (I could not go to school to get educated.) True, this line of work may not make me a gentleman, but this is my daily bread – at least I get two square meals from it and I am happy creating idols- it is a blessing for me.”- He says.  All I could do was salute him and say – you are the real ‘Gentleman’ and we are proud of you – It is you who bring smile to us and make Durga Puja an auspicious and fun filled.

DSC03720 ©Copyright All Rights Reserved

Picture-perfect Goddess Durga ready to get decked up ….


[ I would like to Add a few words …..

This write-up would not be so early to my site if friends of mine (Jithin, Amy and Rambling Rose) wouldn’t have been my inspiration … Dedicated to these amazing people and all others who are reading my post … ]


Goddess Durga for the Final touch …



26 thoughts on “Maa Shooldharini DuRGa! Here ‘U’ Come! Arrival of Goddess Durga – The Supreme Power – The Supreme Being …

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the story, Ajanta! It’s very move to read what the artisan said… These are wonderful photos. I’ll make a link soon. Thank you again. 🙂

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    • How do I thank you … I have no words … only would like to say again and again I AM HONORED… You made my day Amy … I would like to say very less people get chance to get interacted with such beautiful souls … Thank You so much for making my blog reach the world … And I am honored that some of your friends have come up and spared sometime for my blog … Such good souls … Thanks to them as well … God Bless You all …. And I am so sorry to reply late as Amy my gmail account was hacked and I was in mess .. trying to recover and take action ….

      • It’s my pleasure to introduce your beautiful and special post to my friends. I’m honored to be your blog friend, Ajanta. So sorry to hear about the computer hacking. I had a hack a week ago. Luckily, the Microsoft engineers who helped me remotely and did twice. The first time was three and half hours. I think they are Indian Engineers. 🙂 Hope you have recovered from the hacking. 🙂 ❤ (((HUGS)))

      • Hahaha now our gesture of honoring each other won’t stop… God Bless You dear. Need such good friends who can encourage others to write more and more and share their thoughts with others.

        And when it comes to hacking, I don’t know what to say… I realized it yesterday the person who has come down to my residence to check my machines to get the same sold, he has hacked my PC and also have stolen 1GB Ram from the PC, which I planned to sell off. Now I am scared that he has stolen all my important documents as I assume that he has installed a software in my PC where I usually work and through that whenever I would login to internet, he will get all the details of mine… I have formatted the same and changed my password. Truly I am in a mess.
        Such notorious people are all around… why can’t they earn money in a legal way… You know he even chatted with my friends on gmail and has asked their credit/debit card details taking my name… My friends were almost on the verge top share as they know me, when I poked into and told them that’s not me … it’s a hacker… So be careful. Even I had left a msg on FB wall. This hacker immediately changed the password to which I couldn’t do anything at that point of time.

      • I should change my password more often! Thank you for sharing the info. The person who did the cleaning up remotely was from Microsoft Co… Such a nightmare you had to go through. Hope you get it resolved soon, so you can enjoy posting and blogging. 🙂 ❤

      • I could not get it resolved as for less of time… all I am doing now changing the passwords and the hint questions … but this should be reported to the cybercrime branch…. And true in this cyber world, we need to be so careful… so many morons moving around us…

  3. I have come by way of Amy and I did enjoy your post and the story as well as the Clay Idols and all the cultural elements!All the photos are striking and accompanied by captivating details and illustrations!All the best, Doda 🙂

    • Thank You Maryoga for stopping by … Yes I know you are Amy’s friend… Great to see you here … I am honored to see you all… Amy is a very good friend of mine … I thank God for getting such beautiful people around me …

      And it is a pleasure that you liked my blog post …. Maryoga you must visit India to be part of it .. I swear you all will like it … I am very very very happy with your comments … what appreciation I am receiving … It is because of Amy and you all are so good souls … Thank You Again 🙂

      • Thank you so much for being beyond appreciative,dear friend!Amy’s friends are mine too,she is a precious friend of mine,very kind and supportive all the time.Your post was very inspirational and so nicely connected with the history and culture of you beautiful country.Take care my friend ~All the best to you 🙂 xxx

      • DG, dear friend… You are Amy’s friend and must say such a kind soul. Getting inspiration from you all is always a pleasure … in fact bunch of surprises to me … Ans Thank You very much … God Bless you 🙂

    • Lucid Thank You so much for visiting … Its great to get in touch with you … Of all I would like to thank for sharing the post of mine … and it is always pleasure to get in touch with new friends…. I am honored that you liked it and truly India is a great place to visit and you must check out our festivals especially Durga Puja in kolkata … The way you celebrate Christmas there, we celebrate Durga Puja here … It is just beauty … Namaste Gypsy … Thank You very much 🙂 …

    • Thank You so much for your kind words Jithin … nowadays I am not so regular here in this blog cosmos … feel very uncomfortable as I am not being able to enjoy reading the blogs spread widely …

      And you are right Jithin the Header picture is from my Durga Puja collection … feels privileged to visit the Potter’s lane and enjoy the work of art 🙂 Following Durga Utsav and Laxmi Puja … now comes the most powerful goddess Kali Maa ….

    • Hey My dear friend … The feeling is mutual dear … even I was thinking about you … yes I am doing well … actually so many festivals in our State and Country in a row that … I am hardly getting time to balance both my office and the celebrations … moreover after Durga Puja its ‘Kali Puja’ – the most powerful god – Kali Maa is another form of Goddess Durga … busy with the celebration and one of my sweetest friends has come to town … pretty excited as well 🙂 Tell me Amy how are you doing?

      • Enjoy the festivals and celebrations with your sweetest friends, Ajanta! I’m excited for you. 🙂 I’m doing fine, nothing so exciting. Our Thanksgiving holidays (2-day off) is coming close to the end of Nov. It’s more a family gathering holidays. I’m also busy at work. We’ll get almost a week off during X’mas. 🙂 You take care, my dear friend. 🙂 ❤

      • O that sounds so sweet and special – it is always great to know that your friend is excited for your happiness .. God Bless dear … Today is the Bengali festival in fact – “Kali Puja” – today we will worship the most powerful goddess, she is the other form of Goddess Durga whom we have just worshiped at the end of October. Tomorrow is Diwali, that is the festival of lights and the concept is same as Kali Puja – victory of good over evil with lighting the lamps and lanterns. Will share a blog on this, so that you can check out the entire thing Amy … Here goes the link Amy – … Till then you take care of yourself and Happy Diwali from my end to you and your family 🙂

    • True Amy… so many festivals and in fact these show the culture of India .. More to go Amy … And it is always a pleasure getting back and writing blogs amidst such wonderful and encouraging people like you. Amy do not forget to check out the page ‘PhotoClix’ in my site. I have provided you the link. 🙂

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