Our Gigantic Goddess Durga ….

Friends – Come and get a view of World’s tallest and largest Durga idol!

desho priya park2

Goddess Durga Residing at Deshapriya Park, Kolkata

Goddess Durga measures around 80 feet tall. Approximately 100 artisans had been working day-in and day-out on the pandal and the idol. For almost 2-3 months these artisans worked hard to give the entire idea – A Real Shape …


Construction of our 80 feet tall Goddess Durga …

Made part by part and then was put together. The organisers of this Durga Puja of Deshapriya Park, Kolkata, India have sent a request to the Guinness Book of Work Records for the listing.

Various news channels reported that this idol has been the major crowd puller this year. The idol is almost equal to an eight-storey building. In fact there are idols of other deities like Hanumanji (105 ft) and Lord Shiva in Karnataka (112 ft) in Maharashtra, but all of them are in permanent structures. Whereas the world’s tallest Durga shall stay here in her abode (Earth) for five days.

desho priya park3

This idol is made out of cement and not crafted with traditional clay. Due to the extraordinary height, fibreglass coating has been applied on it.


Feast Your Eyes My Friends – The Beauty — Happy Puja My Dear Friends…

Amy, SomaliDG MARYOGA, Lucid Gypsy, Rambling Rose, Jithin special attention from your side please as you all wanted to be a part of our famous festival Durga Puja … It will be my pleasure if you can spend some time 🙂 Thank You So Much – You are the ones who inspires me to write. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Our Gigantic Goddess Durga ….

    • Hahahaha … absolutely Jithin … but you know something, due to a immense crowd on the initial days of the puja, stampede and harassment, our honorable chief minister decided to put down the shutters of this puja … Since ‘Shashthi – the second day- people couldn’t visit the pandal and get a glimpse of this Gigantic Durga – as the huge figure was covered immediately after the organizers of Deshapriya park received a letter from the Bengal Government.

    • Thank You So Much Archya … It feels really good to get such feedback … You know something, unfortunately this puja has withheld people to watch the gigantic Goddess after Panchami …

      • Sometimes it is so shameful as in … during the biggest festival of Bnegalis, such things happen … This is nothing but sheer politics, to be honest everything could have been handled if dirty politics wouldn’t have been played at the back…

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