Fast Paced Bombay -MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #35©Copyright All Rights Reserved ©Copyright All Rights Reserved

The fast paced Bombay Life can be best portrayed through this picture of Bandra–Worli Sea Link. You do not get to STOP by and simply ENJOY the Moment ‘standing’ and taking pleasure in watching the beautiful cable-stayed concrete-steel viaducts bridge. This is a click from the front seat of the sedan in which we were travelling. The Monday Mundane concept got me connected to this click of mine. Took me back to my superb moments spent in my Pune-Mumbai trip last September with my pals.

When you come to an end of an exciting trip and even a well spent weekend and then you have no other option than getting back to your monotonous life – the first thing you look to is make the first day of the week better and exciting . With the help of my Trablogger friend’s MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE concept, – Mundane Mondays look good and exhilarating.

When Jithin spoke about the patterns as he has shared on his blog- I decided to show the Bandra–Worli Sea Link image, where I found the patterns. As we all know ‘Pattern’ is a neat and repeated decorative design, I thought this image will be the perfect pick for the MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #35.



16 thoughts on “Fast Paced Bombay -MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #35

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    • Thank You so much dear friend. It feels great to get such compliments. Thank You so much for taking your time and visiting my page. Keep in touch so do I … and Happy Blogging 🙂

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