Green Kitchen Tale


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Let’s face it – Food can make Wonders. Trust me it does 🙂

Some Green Kitchen Tales For You ….

Since we were a kid, we have been repeatedly told to “Eat Vegetables. They will help you grow fast”.

Eating fresh vegetables especially the green ones can create magic. Study says that people who eat fresh and green vegetables can fight any chronic disease. As we all know that eating vegetables not only keep us healthy but strong as well. In fact they are a perfect source of several nutrients like fibre, folate, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin E and vitamin C. When fibre helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels, potassium helps in maintaining the blood pressure. While on the other hand folate helps in forming red blood cells. This is highly beneficial and useful for all women who are in their childbearing age. Folate-rich food like tomatoes, spinach, and bell peppers are the best ones in the list. Whereas food rich in Vitamin-A like carrots, butter nut squash and sweet potatoes protects one’s skin from infection thereby keeping it healthy.

Believe it or not a diet rich in fresh vegetables can control heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, and can treat cancer patients as well. It is always advisable to consult the dietitian before finalizing the amount of veggie intakes. Depending on one’s health, number of cups of fresh veggies must be recommended. Please make a note that fresh ingredients are always best for health as they are not processed or exposed to chemicals. This theory not just talks about vegetables but meat, herbs and spices. It is advisable to consume the fresh ones on the same day or may be within a couple of days max. No matter what food cooked/prepared with fresh ingredients and vegetables is 100% healthier than the ones cooked using preservatives or processed ingredients.

Now Let Us See Why Vegetables Rule…

  • It should not be of much surprise when we see Popeye the Sailor Man turning to have spinach when in need of POWER. So, here it proves that how important vegetables are to build our body. You can say that such food is one of the most efficient and essential fuel sources.
  • True, vegetables are delicious if prepared well. I know it is a point of debate to many as there are people who are more into non-veg items. You can certainly count on me as I prefer having meat, fish, and egg more than vegetables. However, things have changed now for me. A plate full of nicely prepared veggies is gradually turning to be my preference than a plate full of mouth-watering chicken preparation. Today, I am thrilled to have scrumptious veggie dishes prepared with broccoli, beans, capsicum, bell peppers, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, beetroot, tomato, onion and so on.
  • No wonder earlier I used to boycott veggies and was prone towards eating chicken, pasta, pizza, burgers, French fries and so on. Don’t know why I had a disgusting feeling whenever veggie items were served to me. Yes, I have tried different kinds, but I didn’t like probably for the taste. Both my mom and sister tried their hands in making delicious dishes with the variety of vegetables. And, believe me they were just awesome and lip-smacking.

So, starters now stop saying ‘No’ to vegetables and bang on it like I have done. Nowadays whenever I get time, I try to prepare some simple yet yummy veggie dishes for my family and friends. In fact after I got over this idea, on each visit to any of the food station I order new veggie dish – you know just to give it a shot.

Now, it is absolutely an open mindset, well I must say a positive mindset that has been convincing my taste buds since I fell in love with the variety of veggie preparations.



2 thoughts on “Green Kitchen Tale

  1. I always enjoy varieties of veggies. I also like to use Indian spices and recipe to cook them. 🙂
    So glad you are back to blog. 🙂 Enjoy reading! ❤

    • Amy, I will be coming up with a few delectable delicacies for you. Okay… so you are fond of veggies… that’s great Amy… just like my elder sister. hehehee. However, I am mostly into non veg and spicy delectable delicacies 😉 though my elder sister literally force me to have boiled veggies … hehehhe …. Yes Amy getting back to blogs and especially conversing with friends like you make me happy at the end of the day 🙂 That is the reason I always say that you are a dear friend of mine. Thank you 🙂

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