We The Women …

Proud to celebrate this day ( 8th March 2016) ….

There are lots and lots of good wishes flooding across the Social Media platforms. Innumerable texts on International Women’s Day on WhatsApp, Mobile message, Emails and so on. Offices celebrating women’s day … wishing each and every woman, a few offices have special plans for their ladies, heard women were gifted flowers and beautiful gifts …. Yes this makes us Special … We feel honored … Thank you so much…

But…….. To us … more than all these we would like to see that “Respect towards women” in every phase of our life. Say for example— today morning you are wishing a woman “Happy women’s day” and the next moment you are planning to enjoy sex with the sex worker to fulfill your urge.

No We are not just born to stay subdued; We are born to do something for ourselves. We are born to RISE.

Today when we are celebrating women’s day and getting acknowledged on this very day, there are many women across the globe barred from reaching their potential.

See what they lack —

  • They are stopped from getting access to proper education
  • They are stopped to build their career
  • They are stopped from making family plans on their own
  • They are used as property
  • They are the victims of dowry deaths, sexual assault and abuse
  • They are born to give sexual pleasure to men
  • They are born to give birth to children and stay back to get fucked by other men.

Women are born to face Oppression and Violence – who can deny this!

It infuriates me when I hear the utter bullshit words from people, “That’s not for girls”. Yes, there are misogynists around us. Tell me something how many of us really get the opportunity to make the most in our life —- There will be some but what about the maximum!!!

Still I believe one day there will be no need to celebrate this special day because every day we will be celebrating our achievements…. Thanks to those REAL men who stand beside us… Yes we women respect such exceptional men… and not those whose main concern is to disrespect a woman in every possible way.

So Respect and Value Us —- Happy Women’s Day to us …



2 thoughts on “We The Women …

  1. Thank you for sharing your insights, dear Ajanta! Very moving… I can’t help to think of the women who have been sold for the human traffic… how could they be out of the cage?

    • It is very sad Amy but we Indian women face a hell lot of such problem. Right from eve-teasing, domination, assault, many gets beaten up, raped and so on. And human trafficking is not just in India but a major problem all across the world. Only if most men (though not all men) starts changing their mind and respect all women and care for them then this world can be a better place to live in. There are more such stories in reality, it is so scary. As a woman to defend all these either carry weapon or know the techniques of martial arts and bring an end.

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