Interplay of Darkness and Radiance – MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #49

When itโ€™s about playing with lights a lot many things start brewing in my mind. The most important thing that strikes me is my days spent right at the backstage, where I used to carry the lights during the shows. Most of the times I played this role when I was in school and I hardly used to get chance in performing on stage ๐Ÿ˜‰ However, that did not put me down as I loved to play with the lights from the backstage and sidestage. Different colors โ€“ red, green, yellow, blue colors focused on the stage to give a vivacious look โ€“ yes that used to make me crazy. Then it started with some ABSTRACT thoughts like delving into the subject of my focus and wait until there is the interplay and exploration of darkness and luminosity.

Here presenting before you my story of playing with lights โ€ฆ MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #49— This is where I find beauty in myย Mundane days โ€ฆ Thanks again Jithin –ย Trablogger

Experimenting with various exposures of lights has always been a great way to refresh my mind. Exposure of lights through the mosaic lamps made of different color glasses. You see the magic when the lamp is lit while the glasses remain busy creating colorful shades. And there changes the ambiance of the room with an inspiring views. Neither did I let go the opportunity to capture this in my lens nor did I waste time to get the lights blur and that too in a different shape.

Jithin, it finds great to come back and participate in your Mundane Monday Challenge.



9 thoughts on “Interplay of Darkness and Radiance – MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #49

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    • Thank you Jithin… Was waiting for your comments in fact. Comments from a professional person is not just encouraging but very informative. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ This was clicked in a fair where I found a variety of lamp shades and hanging lanterns — among them I found these mosaic lamps apt for the Monday Mundane challenge. :-). Thank you again and how are you doing Jithin?

      • haha.. i’m not a professional really. But anyway glad to know that you liked my comment. I’m doing good. How are you? You were missing for a while. MIA?

      • Jithin, whatever tips you give through your photography is always commendable. I am good but messed up somewhere in my life as well … hahaha … Yes I am Missing in Action Jithin… haahhaha if I read it correctly. And it is always great to find someone who is so friendly and good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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