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The fast paced Bombay Life can be best portrayed through this picture of Bandra–Worli Sea Link. You do not get to STOP by and simply ENJOY the Moment ‘standing’ and taking pleasure in watching the beautiful cable-stayed concrete-steel viaducts bridge. This is a click from the front seat of the sedan in which we were travelling. The Monday Mundane concept got me connected to this click of mine. Took me back to my superb moments spent in my Pune-Mumbai trip last September with my pals.

When you come to an end of an exciting trip and even a well spent weekend and then you have no other option than getting back to your monotonous life – the first thing you look to is make the first day of the week better and exciting . With the help of my Trablogger friend’s MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE concept, – Mundane Mondays look good and exhilarating.

When Jithin spoke about the patterns as he has shared on his blog- I decided to show the Bandra–Worli Sea Link image, where I found the patterns. As we all know ‘Pattern’ is a neat and repeated decorative design, I thought this image will be the perfect pick for the MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #35.



Bhoot Chaturdoshi – The Sacry Night before ‘Kali Puja’

image 1

Just as the Durga Puja hangovers take root, Kali Puja and Diwali knock at our doorsteps. Now, keeping up with our Bengali saying – “Baro maashe tero parbon’ (13 festivals in 12 months), we the Bengalis push the boat out with enthusiasm on “Bhoot Chaturdoshi” – the day just before “Kali Puja”.

image 8

Ghost Carnival …

Looking back, during my childhood I used to listen to some or the other spooky stories from my grandparent. As a child instead of getting scared, there used to be a strange interest that gradually grew within me. I had a weird habit of knowing things from the root. That was the time when I had a glimpse of this “bhoot chaturdoshi” concept. “Glimpse” in the true sense as I had the privilege to meet one of them in person. I am not kidding at all.

It was “Bhoot Chaturdoshi”, as we Bengalis call it to be a “Halloween Day” in West Bengal. It isn’t what the western nations celebrate. But, still the feeling is as scarier as the concept of Halloween. If you want to get the feel of our “Bhoot Chaturdoshi”, then take a call on the new moon night popularly known as “Amavasya” – particularly the day before Kali Puja. This was the day when I was engrossed in listening to the spooky stories from my grandparent. No wonder, I could feel as if I was surrounded by the uncanny and creepy creatures around me. I am talking about the time not spent in the city but in a rural area – where you can’t avoid listening to the creepy stories.

Goddess Chamunda Getting Decked Up at Her abode -

Goddess Chamunda Getting Decked Up at Her abode – “Kumartuli”…

As the concept deals with dreadful spirits and ghosts, it is obvious you will feel them in and around you. As narrated by my grandparent Bhoot Chaturdoshi has various perceptions in it. It is a tale of a new form of Goddess Kali and her horrendous spirits. I still remember, my grandparents used to talk about ‘Dakini’ and ‘Jogini’ (the scary ghosts of Goddess Chamunda). It is believed that in order to defend against these ghosts and other uncanny things, we lit up lamps in our house. In fact the concept of ‘Kali Puja’ and ‘Diwali’ is about the “victory of good over evil”. ©Copyright All Rights Reserved

‘Lemon and Green Chillies’ hung in the hand of Goddess Kali – We Indians call it “The Evil Eye Warder”…

We call the day just before ‘Kali Puja’ to be scary as the ghosts and spirits wander here and there. As heard from my grandparent, to ward off the evil spirits earlier people used to burn the fuel lanterns and ‘diyas’ at the periphery of the houses with the idea of stopping the evils from taking entry to the houses. Even the lamps and diyas were lit inside the house, in fact the houses were beautifully decorated by the lamps.

So, the story goes like this, when I was absorbed in listening to the ghost tales of “bhoot chaturdoshi”, suddenly I found 2/3 scary bodies wandering about in that area. Initially I thought I was one of the characters in the story, where I actually met the spirits. Somewhat it looked so, but as I was dumbfounded and turned deaf-ear to what my grand mom was saying, with a sudden scream from her I just regained myself. They were none but humans decked up in the forms of spirit. In fact this was the approach practised during those days. Even, today also some of the rural areas celebrate the “bhoot chaturdoshi” day in the same style.

Image 6

It is believed that by drawing the beautiful eyes of the idols, artisans give birth to the Idols …

To mark this day – just a night before ‘Kali Puja’, we all lit 14 lamps or diyas at our home and believe that the lights would keep at bay the evil spirits.  To celebrate this day traditionally, we the Bengalis buy fourteen types of leafy vegetables or “choddo shaak”. We cook this for our lunch and eat the same to fight off the evil spirits.       

Image 5

Artisan busy working on the 12 ft Idol of Goddess Kali …

As soon as we are over with ‘Bhoot Chaturdoshi’ comes the most powerful festival/the festival of lights ‘Kali Puja/Diwali’. Maa (Mother/Goddess) Kali is an embodiment of power (‘shakti’). She is believed to be the other form of Goddess Durga. Kali Maa is worshipped on the “new moon night”. 

Wishing all my friends A Happy ‘Kali Puja’ and ‘Diwali’..


Our Gigantic Goddess Durga ….

Friends – Come and get a view of World’s tallest and largest Durga idol!

desho priya park2

Goddess Durga Residing at Deshapriya Park, Kolkata

Goddess Durga measures around 80 feet tall. Approximately 100 artisans had been working day-in and day-out on the pandal and the idol. For almost 2-3 months these artisans worked hard to give the entire idea – A Real Shape …


Construction of our 80 feet tall Goddess Durga …

Made part by part and then was put together. The organisers of this Durga Puja of Deshapriya Park, Kolkata, India have sent a request to the Guinness Book of Work Records for the listing.

Various news channels reported that this idol has been the major crowd puller this year. The idol is almost equal to an eight-storey building. In fact there are idols of other deities like Hanumanji (105 ft) and Lord Shiva in Karnataka (112 ft) in Maharashtra, but all of them are in permanent structures. Whereas the world’s tallest Durga shall stay here in her abode (Earth) for five days.

desho priya park3

This idol is made out of cement and not crafted with traditional clay. Due to the extraordinary height, fibreglass coating has been applied on it.


Feast Your Eyes My Friends – The Beauty — Happy Puja My Dear Friends…

Amy, SomaliDG MARYOGA, Lucid Gypsy, Rambling Rose, Jithin special attention from your side please as you all wanted to be a part of our famous festival Durga Puja … It will be my pleasure if you can spend some time 🙂 Thank You So Much – You are the ones who inspires me to write. 🙂


Maa Shooldharini DuRGa! Here ‘U’ Come! Arrival of Goddess Durga – The Supreme Power – The Supreme Being …


Goddess Durga – The Perfect Work Of Art by the Artisans


Shiuli’ (Night-flowering Jasmine) and Swaying ‘kash ful’ (Saccharum spontaneum) in the meadows …

“The soft perfume of ‘shiuli’ (Night-flowering Jasmine), glimpse of swaying ‘kash ful’ (Saccharum spontaneum) in the meadows, chanting of mantras and wide azure sky awakens you and say, “Ma Durga is at your door”.  Needless to say that each of us feels the same as this spirit of ecstasy fills up our heart.”

Potters' Hub

Clay Idols at Kumartuli getting decked up …

Ma Durga getting decked up at her abode, Kumartuli (the potters’ hub). With swift and dexterous moves, the potters working at frenzied pace to give the idols the traditional look. This is that hub of North Kolkata where Goddess Durga and her family get impeccably sculpted in straw and clay. Many of us call this place to be the ‘nerve center’. Flanked by huge workshops, packed with idols of Durga and her family, craftsmen working day in and day out – yes this is the place where our goddess gets decked up.  If you are visiting the place for the first time, I can bet that you can ever imagine that there lies the paradise inside the narrow lane.

jaazphotography ©Copyright All Rights Reserved

Stroll into North Kolkata’s Banamali Sarkar Street and you will feel the essence. Artisans sit on their heels busy kneading the clay, working on idols, completely ignoring the curious passerby and photographers. They get hardly bothered about the surrounding, all they concentrate on to create the best for us. Yes, for them creating such sculptures is the only means of survival.


An artisan using his skill to decorate the clay idol ….

Visiting the potters’ hub has always been special to me. Each of the creations is worth capturing leaving the entire City of Joy and our neighboring cities spellbound. Watching the idols taking shape in the skilled hands is a pleasure. Barely there are a few days more before Maa Durga transforms from a rudimentary structure of hay and clay to a beautiful Bengali bride.


The Mother India look of Goddess Durga ….

It was almost quarter to 6 in the evening when I arrived in the potters’ lane. Crammed with both complete and incomplete clay idols, I could see artisans clad in soiled lungis busy working. Some installing the heads of the tallest idols while some giving their finishing touch. Strewn on the tables set of clay fingers to befit the idols – found the potters picking them up delicately and with their masterly touch place them rightly and look the idols human. A bit spooky but the fingers looked quite real. As I was engrossed checking out the masterpieces, could hear someone shouting from behind “taking pictures of idols costs money so check your moves.” This time is believed to be the most laborious time for the craftsmen of Kumartuli – North Kolkata’s oldest region on the banks of Hooghly. The flash of the cameras and the busy crowds of people around, have been irritating the artisans, which madde them furious at this hour.


Artisan busy applying clay on the idol of Lord Ganesha …


One of the weapons of Goddess Durga (Trishula/Trident) getting its design as crafted by an artisan ….

Out there on the lane right in a secluded corner there was an artisan busy applying his final strokes – I could not really miss the chance to hear from him, asked him about his daily bread, to which he replied – “ I am into this profession since I lost my parents in the age of 10. There was no choice except taking this as a profession. Ami lekha-pora kortte parini, school jete parini. (I could not go to school to get educated.) True, this line of work may not make me a gentleman, but this is my daily bread – at least I get two square meals from it and I am happy creating idols- it is a blessing for me.”- He says.  All I could do was salute him and say – you are the real ‘Gentleman’ and we are proud of you – It is you who bring smile to us and make Durga Puja an auspicious and fun filled.

DSC03720 ©Copyright All Rights Reserved

Picture-perfect Goddess Durga ready to get decked up ….


[ I would like to Add a few words …..

This write-up would not be so early to my site if friends of mine (Jithin, Amy and Rambling Rose) wouldn’t have been my inspiration … Dedicated to these amazing people and all others who are reading my post … ]


Goddess Durga for the Final touch …


Nature Creating the Contrast in Silence …

Participating after a long time in Trablogger’s MMC… feels great to be a part of Jithin’s team.

Simply liked the idea of MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #26 by Jithin. His idea took me a couple of years back when I clicked this picture. This was a visit to Eco Park with my dear school friends after ages. Didn’t want to miss the chance to capture such beautiful moment. This picture is a reminiscence of that golden moment spent with my friends beside this beautiful lake at Eco Park Kolkata.


Life is so exciting especially when you come across such natural beauty and get the chance to capture the moment in your lens. The silhouette creating the contrast in silence! Certainly it depends on how we look at things. Have we ever thought what exactly makes us mundane or excited? As I said everything depends on how we see to it. Many of us say sunset should be never entertained as it makes us feel dull or may be sad, whereas watching sunrise brings happiness in our life. Why not admire the Creator than making a conclusion with our superstitious thoughts!

So Let Us Add Beauty To Our Lives and Worship The CREATOR …


Spicy Saturday Pick – Thanks a Ton BlogAdda – Mine Pleasure

It’s a privilege and honor to get acclaimed by the largest community of bloggers in India “BlogAdda” on this auspicious day of Rakhi, Onam and Michale Jackson’s Birthday.  

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Festive India – Happy Onam My Dear Friends :-)

Itz Onam WEEK friends…
We the Indians take pride in celebrating our rich culture and heritage in every possible way. India holds a history of celebrating festivals almost every single day of the year – that counts to 365 festivals. To us the significance of ‘festival’ acts as a tool in our life making it cheerful and enthusiastic. Our culture loves to stay in the state of celebration. Say for example, if today is ploughing day, we might leave no stone unturned to rejoice the day. So, let us celebrate today, one of the most popular Hindu festivals of all time – “ONAM”.


Celebrating the Auspicious Festival – ONAM

Onam is in fact the state festival of Kerala that is celebrated during the month of Chingam. As per the calendar this is the Malayalam month (Aug – Sep) when the commemoration of “Vamana avatara of Vishnu” along with the arrival of “the mythical king Mahabali” takes place. It is believed, on this day Mahabali, the king starts his “arrangements to descend from Pathala to Kerala”. This is the festival that lasts for 10 days where both young and old participate with full enthusiasm.

This festival is entirely dedicated to ‘Mahabali’, the king, who was by birth an ‘Asur’ (demon – one with negative thoughts) and by virtue a ‘Sur’ (one with positive thoughts). History says that Kerala never observed a good time until the Mahabali rule dropped in. The king’s dynasty was believed to be the heaven as none came back empty handed from his gate. All his doings and sacrifices are celebrated as a tribute by his followers especially the people of Kerala.

There are several interesting rituals related to this festival, which one must be a part. It is also celebrated as a harvest festival where joy and fervor plays hand in hand. The best part of Onam is its grand feast, popularly known as “Onasadya”. This feast is being prepared with zeal and fervor on Thiruonam- the tenth day as per the festive calendar.  Here you will get to see a 9 course meal consisting of almost 11 – 13 dishes. This particular meal is served beautifully on banana leaves with people sitting on mats laid on floor in order to eat the meal.

Onasadya Treat

Onam Delight – Onasadya Treat

You will be delighted to enjoy another enthralling feature of this carnival, which is Vallamkali – “the Snake Boat Race”. This race is organized with full passion on the Pampa River. It is a must watch sight where boats are decorated gorgeously with hundreds of boatmen rowing while chanting songs together. Being one of the major tourist attractions of Kerala, every year Vallamkali Boat Race draws a huge number of tourists from all across the globe.
Vallamkali Boat Race

Vallamkali – “the Snake Boat Race”

Onakalikal, another part of this carnival has almost equal number of tourist from different corners of the planet. People after having sumptuous meal thoroughly enjoys spending their time indulging in Onakalikal.

Vallamkali Boat Race 2There are an array of traditional games for all age groups. While the young indulge in the robust and outdoor games, the older ones pamper themselves with indoor games. When men goes for combats like Attakalam & Kayyankali, women loves to stay engaged in cultural activities like designing flower mats popularly called ‘Pookalam’. This is placed in front courtyard of their houses with a belief in mind to welcome the King Mahabali.  To list the cultural program list, the women gracefully performs Thumbi Thullalm, Kaikotti kali, Pulikali and Kummatti  – the famous dance forms of Kerala.

OnakalikalSo, what are you waiting for? Are you planning to be a part of this wonderful Carnival of India? – Book yourself a ticket and fly to Kerala right now before you miss to be a part of this bright and colorful Fiesta.

Happy Onam
                                              …THANK YOU FOR VISITING — Cheers JAAZ 🙂